Cleveland Lee University

Lee School of Nursing to Run Mass Casualty Drill

 On Wednesday, April 17, the Lee University School of Nursing will conduct a mass casualty emergency drill from 1-5 p.m. This will be an inter-professional educational event that includes personnel from the SON, along with the athletic training department, communication arts department (journalism and theater), psychology department, and the School of Religion.

 Students and faculty from across the Lee campus will participate in a response drill related to an unintentional mass casualty incident involving a 27-vehicle accident with multiple injuries. The drill is intended to help students learn how to provide an immediate response to treat a variety of medical conditions, as well as to minister to family and survivors experiencing psychological trauma.

 “We provide this inter-professional exercise so that students from various departments across campus can engage in a ‘mock community response’ to a disaster within a controlled simulation,” said Dr. Brenda Jones, assistant professor of nursing. “The students have the opportunity to participate in a ‘real-life’ scenario guided by faculty and community professionals from the Bradley County Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.”

 According to Jones, this opportunity allows students to practice their clinical skills in response to a surge of patients coming into a healthcare facility for treatment of their injuries under accelerated stress levels. Lee students will perform rapid assessment of the “simulated survivors” (manikins) and “standardized survivors” (live patients).

 “The SON continues to build on a strong curricular foundation of disaster response,” said Dr. Sara Campbell, dean and professor of nursing. “This simulation provides a unique and specialized inter-professional experience for our students.”

 This is the fifth planned simulation that the SON has sponsored in the form of a mass casualty drill to help equip students on how to bring theory from the classroom into their clinical practice, according to their specific field of study.

 The drill will take place outside and inside the SON building. During the drill there will be various emergency vehicles present around the building.

For more information, contact the Office of Public Relations at (423) 614-8621.