Schrock Publishes Article and Reviews

Dr. Chad Schrock, associate professor of English at Lee University, recently published his article, “The Borderlands of Belief: Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins Mysteries,” in the journal Christianity & Literature. In the article, Schrock writes about British author Phil Rickman’s series of novels following the character Merrily Watkins, whom Schrock describes in his abstract as “a highly unconventional Anglican priest and exorcist.”


Schrock identified two sources for writing this article, saying, “This paper grew out of pleasure reading, on the one hand, and, on the other, out of spiritual struggle and even crisis: how to discern the voice of God and deploy the Gospel in an increasingly anti-dogmatic American culture.”

Rickman began the Merrily Watkins series with the book “The Wine of Angels” (1998). The latest release in the series is “All of a Winter’s Night” (2017).

Schrock also recently published a review of Graham Holderness’s “The Faith of William Shakespeare in Literature and Theology.” He has another review—of John M. Hill’s “Chaucer’s Neoplatonism: Varieties of Love, Friendship, and Community”—forthcoming from Modern Philology by late October.

Schrock has been at Lee since 2010, specializing in early British literature. He received his doctorate in medieval literature from the Pennsylvania State University, his master’s in English from James Madison University, his master’s in divinity from Eastern Mennonite Seminary, and his bachelor’s from Pensacola Christian College.

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