Recap of First Mayoral Debate

The first Cleveland Mayoral debate took place Monday evening at Bradley High School’s Fine Arts building. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of this debate and to make sure that you don’t miss any of the candidates answers within the debate. This article will be updated throughout the next few days. Be sure to follow our Facebook Page and Twitter account for updates!

Updated 6/19/18 at 10:16am


                                  (Duane Schriver, left. Kevin Brooks, right).

                                  (Duane Schriver, left. Kevin Brooks, right).

The first question to both candidates was about infrastructure. Kevin Brooks said that he would be ready to go day one in working on Cleveland’s infrastructure needs. He outlined examples which included Highway 60, exploring the implementation of roundabouts downtown, pushing on Washington for an expansion of 1-75 to 4 lanes and to increase broadband connectivity in the city.

Duane Schriver responded to the question by claiming that Cleveland is, “10 to 15 years behind in our local community for infrastructure.” He went on to say that, “we should have been more proactive” in resolving our infrastructure issues in the past. 

In what seems to be the crux of Schriver’s campaign for Cleveland City mayor, he referred to the 25th Street and Ocoee Street work that was halted in 2012. He claimed that 15 million dollars were thrown out due to the fact that “good ole boys would not step up and take it into their control.” According to Schriver, an opportunity like this won’t be available to Cleveland for “another 20 years if we’re lucky” and that it is “going to be an ugly four to five years” with Cleveland’s road infrastructure.

We will be updating this article throughout the next few days as we go through all that was said during Monday’s debate. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates. 

Erik McNair