Kevin Brooks Gets Elected as Mayor - Shares His Vision for Cleveland


Back in June, we were able to spend some time with Kevin Brooks and ask him a series of questions about Cleveland and what he plans to do if he’s elected as the mayor of Cleveland Tennessee. 

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Previously serving as the 24th Legislative District Representative for Cleveland and Bradley County in the Tennessee State Representative, Kevin Brooks has spent the last 12 years striving to make Cleveland a better place to live, work, and raise a family. We had the opportunity to ask Kevin some questions about Cleveland and what his plans are as the new city mayor. Behind his answers was the desire to genuinely serve the community and fully utilize the potential that Cleveland has to offer. 

“Cleveland is already good,” said Kevin, “and together, we can truly take it from good to great.”

Kevin remarked that his German friends over at Volkswagen and Wacker say the Tennessee Valley is a perfect gateway to the Ocoee River and the Great Smoky Mountains because of the great schools, restaurants, rivers and lakes, and hiking spots. However, he believes that Cleveland has the potential to be even more.

“There’s not any reason at all that we can’t be more than just a gateway,” said Kevin, “We can be the front door and absolutely welcome our nation, and in fact, the world to our incredible natural resources. We’re so blessed here in Cleveland and I want to share that with the world. I want to be the ambassador of Cleveland, Tennessee.”

Also, Kevin expressed the idea that he plans to take Cleveland to the next level. 

“We’ve always been referred as that suburb of Chattanooga,” said Kevin, “It doesn’t take a whole lot because we have the infrastructure, the land, and the technology to be equal to or greater than Chattanooga.”

We also asked Kevin what he wished the community would know about him and he hopes people would realize how much he loves to serve.

“I think it’s a calling. I don’t think you get into [public office] for the money. I don’t think you get into this for the popularity or the prestige. So if I could express one thing that I wish people knew. It would be that Kevin Brooks truly loves to serve,” said Kevin.

Kevin Brooks was sworn in on September 10th as the new Mayor of Cleveland TN. We look forward to covering Kevin Brooks’ work as he leads Cleveland towards a brighter future. 

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