Community Spotlight: Foundation House Ministries


For years now (Foundation House will actually be celebrating their 4th birthday this month) Suzanne Burns, Executive Director of Foundation House Ministries, has been providing homes and other assistance for women in crisis pregnancies. They aid in a way that meets the goal of creating lasting stability for the families here in the Cleveland and Bradley County area.

What is alarming is the widespread need in our area. Burns shared some statistics with us of Bradley County. In 2016, 64.1% of the unwed births in Bradley County were to mothers at or below the poverty level (See Figure 26). Only McMinn County, at 75.5%, and Polk County, at 100%, ranked higher in the region. Another startling statistic, Bradley County has one of the highest rates of unwed mothers living at or below 199% of the poverty level, at 24.8%.

“We have a moral obligation to step in and help,” said Burns as she talked about these conditions and many others that mothers in our region face. Instead of focusing solely on surface level problems that their clients face, Foundation House “digs deeper” into the root of the problem. Foundation House also works to help their clients achieve independence from their current situation.

“How can we build a life that she’s going to enjoy and that’s fulfilling?” Burns posed this question as a reason why Foundation House works hard to provide to their clients the ability to learn new skills that give them different choices in the job market. All of this is to help build a life that is sustainable and full of joy and hope.

With this task they have before them, Foundation House has many ways people in our community can get involved.  For a full list of their needs, go to their volunteer page.

Foundation House Ministries is a faith-based ministry, equipping struggling families to become effective, and stable parents. We aim to help parents cultivate strong bonds that come with the beauty of motherhood and fatherhood while aiding financially, mentally and socially. You can learn more about them by visiting their website at

Erik McNair