Drewbobbins: A Local Edible Cookie Dough and Homemade Ice Cream Shop


Drewbobbins, a local edible cookie dough, homemade ice cream, milkshake and float shop on Keith Street, has been serving up wonderful treats to the southern side of Cleveland TN since October of last year. Edible cookie dough has been quite the craze over the last few years and has started to grow across the country.

Drewbobbins is unique compared to typical edible cookie dough shops in that they offer a wider choice of treats beyond edible cookie dough.  The owners, Tammy and Doug Harrod, have also created a quality to Drewbobbins that is hard to describe. In a way, it feels like a small slice of wonderful summer moments that many of us experienced while growing up. 

As a life-long resident to Cleveland, we asked Tammy what she likes most about Cleveland,

“I like that we still have that small town feel but we have a lot of conveniences.”

One of the conveniences of Cleveland that may not be well known (but seems very apparent when reading the 80+ Facebook reviews) is their homemade ice cream, that they call “snow cream.” It is made to taste like authentic snow cream that was made from actual snow. To be able to get truly homemade tasting ice cream without having to go through all of the work is a treat. 

If you haven’t tried Drewbobbins yet, you should make a visit sometime. Their hours are 12pm to 9pm Monday through Saturday. You can follow them on Facebook and get more information about them by clicking here

Erik McNair