City Fields, A Solution for Cleveland’s Overlooked Neighborhoods

“  We hope not to be a mile wide and an inch deep, but one inch wide and a mile deep .”                 Dustin Tommey, Executive Director

We hope not to be a mile wide and an inch deep, but one inch wide and a mile deep.”

               Dustin Tommey, Executive Director

Previously known as “Impact Cleveland,” City Fields is a community development corporation that seeks to foster genuine growth and development in Cleveland’s overlooked neighborhoods. City Fields plans to work alongside local organizations and other nonprofits in the area by acting as an outreach arm to meet needs and serve people, in addition to their holistic development.  

Founded in 2014, the organization began as an initiative of the United Way and Habitat for Humanity. The vision was to bring about neighborhood revitalization in one of the most impoverished areas in the city. The not-for-profit organization provides programs, offers services, and engages in other activities that promote and support community development.  Having operated under the umbrella of United way for the first few years, City fields officially rebranded and publicly launched as a separate entity in January of 2018. In addition to the new identity, they have also hired Rusty Langford, the community engagement coordinator, to assist the project. 

When asked about the story behind the name change, Dustin Tommey, the executive director of City Fields, explained that, “We wanted to have more clarity about who we were; the name City Fields imply the idea of cultivating and that is what we want to accomplish.” 




The new logo depicts streets that come together and create five distinct segments, which symbolize the five fields of engagement that City Fields tries to revitalize: physical revitalization, social revitalization, economic development, neighborhood safety, and leadership development.     

Rusty Langford - Community Engagement Coordinator

Rusty Langford - Community Engagement Coordinator

As the community engagement coordinator, Rusty wanted the community to know that City Fields is “an organization that wants to serve the community not by simply meeting needs, but by cultivating the strengths and resources already available in the community. We want to cultivate that and empower the people to know who they are and dream. We’re just here to get that fire started.”

Their approach is to invest and promote holistic growth in neighborhoods that will allow them to operate on their own. By creating a self-sustaining community, City Fields can provide assistance for other areas in need. However, their commitment is to not move until there has been a genuine, healthy growth that takes place by empowering people in the community. 

 “We would rather have a track record of true, genuine, deep, and lasting transformation and it be more modest in size than to think of ourselves too big for our britches and try to do more than is accomplishable,” said Dustin.

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