Kevin Brooks Kicks Off His Cleveland Mayoral Campaign


Kevin Brooks kicked off his campaign to run for Cleveland City Mayor on Friday evening at the Museum Center at 5ive Points. The event featured hors d'oeuvres from some of Cleveland's restaurants and bake shops. Governor Bill Haslam spoke first and introduced Brooks to the crowd.

“He is relentlessly obnoxious... about lobbying for those things that matter. “ Haslam joked as he spoke of all Kevin Brooks’ achievements in Nashville. In closing, Haslam stated in one of the things that he admires about Brooks. “It was never about him. He knows that he is called to serve this city that he loves.”


Brooks spoke about his goals and positions on infrastructure, school safety, and transparent communication with the community. Speaking about family, Brooks stated ”that’s where it all began for us: faith, family and our future. That’s the phrase that God gave us in 2006 when we first ran for office. We stuck to it and tonight we are here to ask for your support. Every one of us has a story, every one of us has a voice, everyone deserves a voice, and we should all learn to listen to together because, after all, we are family.”

Erik McNair