Get to Know Steve Lawson - Bradley County’s New Sheriff


Get to Know Sheriff Steve Lawson


Steve Lawson, a life-long resident of Bradley County, has recently won the election for the Bradley County Sheriff Office. Even before he toolbox office in September 2018, he was already thinking about changes and improvements that need to be made. 

Steve’s impressive history in law enforcement began in 1976. In the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office alone, he has assumed the positions of patrol deputy, detective, and supervisor in both the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions. Eventually, he was selected to be the Director of the 10th Judicial Drug Task Force in 2010 and even accepted the position Captain of CID in 2014. 

In our interview back in May of 2018, we asked about Steve’s motivations for running for sheriff and his answers reflected his values of integrity, transparency, and relationship.

“I saw some things that I thought would make the department better,” he said, “I thought I could represent the people better, speak up for their needs, as well as law enforcement's.”

And regarding the changes to be made, he heavily emphasized the importance of the community’s input. 

“I’ll make the final decision, but I want input from the community,” he said. “We hear about transparency and I want to be that transparent man.”

We also asked Steve about what his leadership will look like and he wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to get to know the sheriff and that the sheriff should hear what they have to say. 

 “Every three months, I ought to see every employee. When you have over 200 employees, some never get contacted by the sheriff and I want to change that.” 

One of the main issues the sheriff wants to tackle is staffing and budgeting. Currently, the sheriff’s department is losing people regularly to other departments. Steve’s plan is to go before the commission and get the law enforcement and finance committees to take ownership in order to take steps to fix the issue. 

“If we don’t retain people, we’re going backwards,” he said. “If we keep letting other departments take our people, we won’t be effective.” 

If you’re in the Bradley County area, it seems like things are headed in the right direction for law enforcement. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Steve Lawson.