Business Spotlight: Studio 22


Studio 22 is a yoga studio located in Downtown Cleveland. They opened their doors three years ago and have made an accessible, welcoming and safe place for the social practice of yoga. “You no longer have to leave Cleveland to access a lot of things,” said Raj Yogimitra, Owner of Studio 22. “The downtown area now has so much to offer and Studio 22 is a part of that.” 

The studio focuses on the social and physical aspect of practicing yoga and does not project any religious beliefs into the practice. “It is not a religious practice but it is a really good physical practice,” said Raj. 

Studio 22 offers an affordable option to pursue physical fitness. The studio is accessible and welcomes people of all fitness levels. “We don’t require anything of anyone that they don’t want to do. It’s a challenge by choice activity,” explained Daisy, a teacher at the studio.

Yoga Studio in Cleveland TN

One of the things that Raj loves about Cleveland, is that Cleveland “is a community that is really opening up. The downtown has really grown over the last five years and is making room for new ideas and cultural experiences.”  This is certainly true with Studio 22. 

Studio 22 provides classes for all skill levels and interests, and at various times in the day. They also don’t make anyone sign up for a membership. The studio supports local causes as well and they love to collaborate with the community. They partner with the SPCA to encourage pet adoptions and are hosting charity classes organized by the American Cancer Society in May. “Just come. Don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to participate because of your level of fitness. It is all very doable and affordable.”

Studio 22 is located at 65 Central Ave Cleveland TN 37311. Go visit Studio 22 today at their website: and at their Facebook page: to get class information and feel free to call them at (678) 860-7422 as well.