Cleveland Speedway Sold


Inside Dirt Racing has published an article in which they brought to light the recent sale of the local speedway. As of the time of the writing of this article, the website had been taken down, but is still available through the WayBack Machine website. Feel free to click on the link over to WayBack Machine and enjoy old pictures and stats of previous race winners.

Through WayBack Machine, we were able to track down the about page chronicling the history of the track, which is quoted below from their site:

“Cleveland Speedway opened in 1954 its a 1/3-mile clay banked dirt track and has seen the start of a number of racing careers of drivers such as Skip Arp, Ronnie Johnson, the late Grant Adcox, Dale McDowell, and many others. Cleveland Speedway has also hosted a number of the nation's top dirt racing series. The Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series, the Southern All-Stars series, the Tennessee Thunder DirtCar Series, and the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt series have all hosted events at Cleveland Speedway. Racing at the Cleveland Speedway Dates back to the early 1950s but the future of the property and its use as a racing facility became in jeopardy after the 2013 season.”

“Just after the last race of 2011 (the annual Joe Lee Johnson / Gobbler) was held in November a foreclosure notice was served which has set the stage for the 1/3 mile clay oval track and its attached property to be sold at auction on the steps of the Bradley County courthouse. The facility once owned by NASCAR racing legend Joe Lee Johnson, the winner of the inaugural World 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1960 changed hands in 2004. The Johnson family soldout to Monty Morrow and Ronnie Willkomm, of whom one or the other ran the track until the end of 2013. The public foreclosure notice listed only Willkomm as an owner of the property when it was sold at auction to Al Chapman and Arthel Gray after sitting dormant for most of the 2014 racing season.”

Here is the full post from the Cleveland Speedway Facebook page with the announcement, along with a screenshot from the Facebook page.

“As of April 20,2018, the Cleveland Speedway LLC website will be taken down, for the speedway has been sold. As of right now, we do not know the new owners plans for the property. Anybody wanting to share any pictures on this website, feel free. We have enjoyed providing information pertaining to our great race car drivers, fans and for the public. I personally will miss this website as well as all the friends I have made near and far. Please support the tracks around because if you don’t, there will be no tracks to race. Don’t let our sport be a thing of the passed. 
Again, Thanks to everybody who have supported our track, even the ones who passed us up to go elsewhere at times. We understand. So with that being said , keep smelling the racing fuel and turn left all you can ! God Bless you all.”