New Tech Service Comes to Cleveland

Cleveland has become the home to Marketing Molly, a new digital tech service.

 “I love creating digital marketing campaigns for small businesses, non-profits and large companies,” said Molly, “and Cleveland is an exciting city to launch this new platform”.

MArketing Molly Launch.jpg

 With a five minute quiz, Molly can learn all about your company, your goals and put together a digital marketing plan tailored to your company.

“I know that digital marketing can be time consuming. I try to keep all interactions short and all plans affordable. Most of my plans start at $99”, said Molly.

Molly has connections to Lee University, Cleveland State and many local businesses in town. She loves the area for it’s friendly feel and access to great hiking in the Ocoee area.

“I believe I am here to stay,” said Molly, “Cleveland feels like home”.

For more information and to meet Molly, go to her website here.