2018’s Bradley County Sheriff Election is Shaping Up

The Cleveland/Bradley County sheriff election is heating up already with two candidates running on the Republican ticket for the May 1st Primary. All around the county are signs, banners and billboards displaying the two candidates, Sheriff Eric Watson and Steve Lawson.

The first to announce was Steve Lawson. Captain Lawson is the former head of the Bradley County Sheriff's Office's criminal investigations division. Mr. Lawson resigned from his position in early January with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office to run in this election.

Last week, the current Bradley County Sheriff, Eric Watson, announced that he would indeed be seeking re-election as sheriff. 

The Bradley County primary election is May 1, 2018. The last day to register to vote is April 2, 2018. Go to the Bradley County Election Commission site here to get registered to vote if you are not registered already.

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