Recent Icy Weather Could Have Positive Effects on Summer Recreation

The icy weather seems to have brought nothing but bad news. School closings, 10 days of below-freezing temperatures, high energy costs, and a curtailment call made to Cleveland Utilities customers on behalf of TVA. There does, however, seem to be some possible good news. Water weeds, which can be a nuisance for boaters and swimmers, may be negatively affected by the cold we’ve experienced lately.

 “The last few winters have been very mild and we’ve seen an increase in aquatic plant growth,” says Brett Hartis, PhD, TVA’s lead aquatic plant biologist. “The lower waters levels expose invasive plant beds to the cold, and most invasive species can’t tolerate the cold like native plants can. While there are no guarantees, Mother Nature should help this summer’s boaters and swimmers by controlling invasive plants in exposed areas along the shoreline.” 

The deep freeze may be a good thing for Cleveland and Bradley County residents during the summer as they enjoy the local waterways around the region.

“Mother Nature is the best aquatic plant management tool we have,” says Hartis. “Many invasive plants cannot handle extended deep cold snaps like we’ve seen so far in January.”



The Tennessee River

Erik McNair