Business Spotlight: Hyderhangout

Cleveland TN News is starting a new series, called Business Spotlight. Each week, we will be highlighting a local business here in the Cleveland/Bradley County area. This week, we are highlighting Hyderhangout: Quilt Fabric and More.  


Hyderhangout started 10 years ago as a quilt shop but these days, it has turned into so much more. For quilters, Hyderhangout is a place to come, relax and learn more about quilting. Susan Hyder, the owner of Hyderhangout, said that hanging out and quilting is a “core value” of the business. There's a lot of hanging out that you can do at Hyderhangout, the quilt shop provides a wide variety of classes to the Cleveland/Bradley County area.

Quilt Shop in Cleveland TN

One of the things that Susan loves about Cleveland, is that Cleveland “feels like a small town but you can get anything that you want.”  This is certainly true with Hyderhangout. Susan's business provides for all of your quilting needs, and anything they don't have you can get special ordered as well. They also stock a wide selection of fabrics as well as any quilting or sewing accessories you are looking for. They even have other things that you didn't even think of. "Cards! Especially with Valentines Day coming up. And the magnets too!"

Go visit Hyderhangout today at:

219 First Street N.E.
Cleveland, TN 37311

Hours of Operation
Tues/Sat 10:00 - 5:00
Wed/Fri 10:00 - 5:00
Thursday Noon - 7:00
Closed Sunday

Phone: 423-715-2908