TVA appeals to customers in reducing electrical usage


TVA, the supplier of power to Cleveland Ultilities, is appealing to customers on reducing their overall usage of electrical power to curtail the overall increase of power used across TVA’s service region. Cold weather has affected states all across the Southeast, which is causing a much higher power demand. 

TVA provides electrical power to 154 local power companies (like Cleveland Ultilities) and 59 large industries and institutions around the Southeast.  These 158 power companies serve approximately 8.5 million consumers in 7 states in the Southeast. 

Cleveland Ultilities, along with officials of the 153 power distributors of TVA power, are asking all residential, commercial and industrial customers to cooperate in reducing their overall power usage.

Customers are being asked to limit their electrical usage by:

  • Cutting back on their heat by turning thermostats to 60° F. 
  • Turning off any lights, appliances and other electrical equipment that is not needed.
  • Holding off on using any electric appliances such as dishwashers, dryers and cooking equipment.

We’ll continue to post about this power situation as more information is provided by TVA and/or Cleveland Ultilities.  


Erik McNair