Icy Weather Closes Schools and Government Offices in Cleveland/Bradley County


School directors of Cleveland and Bradley County closed schools preemptively for Tuesday due to the looming forecast of snow and icy conditions across the region. Snowfall started around 1pm and continued throughout the afternoon. This caused icy conditions on the roads, which still persist this morning. 

No School Wednesday

School directors of Cleveland and Bradley County announced at 04:42 p.m. Tuesday that "all Cleveland and Bradley County schools will be closed" on Wednesday 1/17/18 "due to icy weather."

Bradley County Government Offices Closed

Bradley County government offices followed at 08:35 p.m. Tuesday night that they would be closed Wednesday, January 17, 2018 "due to icy road/sidewalk conditions."

Cleveland City Government Offices Delayed Opening

We are still waiting to hear from Cleveland officials on their re-evaluation this morning, but currently the Cleveland City Government Offices are scheduled to have a delayed opening at 12pm today. We will update this story if this changes.


Cleveland, Schools, CountyErik McNair